Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Drupal SEO - TIPS


SEO Enabling MY Drupal site:

I Architecture:

To SEO enable a Drupal site the first step is to understand the Content Architecture of the Drupal site.

By Content architecture I mean:

a) what are the different categories of content that will be available on the website.

b) The sitemap of the site (what content do you want a visitor to your site to have access to

Understanding the architecture will help us define:

  1. Domain name
  2. URl architecture

II Basic Configuration (Submissions, Robot.txt file, redirects):

  1. Submit site to
    1. Google sitemap
    2. Other sites like yahoo, msn,.. (
  2. Duplicate content: (using the .htaccess file)
    1. resolve any canonical domain name issues (www vs. non-www) www
    2. Fix common problem about drupal friendly url... the trailing slash
  3. Configure robot.txt to remove all http errors

III Content (page title, urls, keywords and metatags):


  1. URl
  2. Page title –Title tag
  3. Meta Tag, Keywords
  4. H1,H2,h3 tags
  5. Content

separately for:
Front page
Inner Pages

Suggestions for Inner Pages:

URL: [taxonomy]/[title-raw] + ‘-‘ +[yyyy]+[sno]

page titles: [taxonomy1] | [title-raw] |

Title Tag: h1 -

H2 – Main title

H3 – Second title

Display taxonomy tags (links to taxonomy wise classification of content)

Avoid pagination of content

IV Linking

a) Main menu links to be text, provide alternate links at the bottom of the page

b) All downloads on our sites to have links back to

c) Remove all inline javascript and css

d) RSS feeds available for à feeds to link back!!!!!

add the taxonomy under the title with links back to the taxonomy view page, more back links .


shyamraj said...

Many sites get ranked because of their images and images searches:

 Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
 It’s not impossible to get text-based results into a good position on Google, but they do get pushed down.

UnConventional Search:

 According to Odden, “By not relying solely on search engines to send traffic, Adler’s realized more than an additional 750 unique visitors via image search within the first few weeks of implementation.”
 Search engines can’t read images, but they can read alt tags

Saravanan.R said...

Yes you are right shyam. But this is the basic stuff that we need to follow in SEO for a website.

Apart from this we need to do more on getting the page rank i guess.



ஏதோ நல்ல விஷயம் சொல்கின்றீர்கள் என்று தெரிகிறது ஆனால் எனக்கு அவ்வளவாக ஆங்கிலம் தெரியது. உங்களுக்கு தமிழ் தெரிந்தால் கொஞ்சம் கலந்து விடுங்கள். என்போண்றவர்கள் பயண்டையக் கூடும். நன்றிகளோடு மயில்வாகனம்-சுபாஸ்.
(tamilthuralel இருந்து.)

Pete Christoph said...

I agree with some of your suggestions, but I am of the school that it's better if you do not use a sitemap. My suggestion is to make the spider do the work - but do a good job of linking your site hierarchically so that it's easy work. The sitemaps are a waste of time, IMHO, and could get you into trouble even if you add things that are duplicate content. Better spent getting your descriptions right and interlinking. --Peter Christopher